Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Heavens Declare

The heavens declare the glory of God
The skies proclaim the works of His hands

When I gaze upon the infinite blue skies
I just feel so small

When I gaze upon the clouds in the air
I am simply amazed

When I look at the sun
I stand in awe of its glory

When I look at the birds in the air
I can feel my spirits soar

When I stare at the sunrise
I know a new day has begun

When I see the evening sunset
I know a new day is coming

When I gaze upon the heavenly bodies
I see the wonderful works of His hands

When I look to the heavens
I see God in all His glory

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Through the Eyes of a Child

A cold breezy day it was
What a touch of delight
To lay down in the grass
To gaze into the bright blue sky

What a good way it was
To forget about my worries
Oh, just for this small moment in time
To have some quiet rest

A white fluffy cloud rolled by
Oh, how wonderful it was
I gazed intently at the formless mass
To see it slowly taking form and shape

Two little kids I saw
Lying down on what seemed like grass
Gazing into the skies beyond
Just as I was that restful day

What a peaceful scene, I thought
So transient, yet so gripping
Imaginary perhaps, yet it was so vivid
So subtle, yet so touching

I smiled gently as I pondered
What joy the two little kids must have
Relishing in the tranquility
Unfazed by the worries of the world

On comes another cloud
Formless, but slowly taking shape
Out comes a dinosaur
What a frightening sight

I watched in hushed anticipation
As the monster moved towards the kids
Closer and closer it came
Eager to gobble them up

The scene would soon shift
The tranquilness of the moment would be gone
Swallowed up by the giant beast
But suddenly, a miracle came!

A gust of wind rolled by
Strong and mighty it was
Like an invisible hand it swept away the beast
Oh, the children were saved!

Marvelous it was the turn of events
I beheld again the familiar scene
Of two little kids lying on the grass
Gazing calmly to the skies beyond

Oh, what a waste of time I thought
Acting so childishly for my age
Fabricating images, picturing scenes
Staring aimlessly at the clouds

Yes, at work I should be
On my essays and assignments
And lectures and tutorials
And the pre-readings and the tests

Oh, there was so much to do
How ever would I get these done
Oh, there's so much to think about
What a headache it truly was

Shaking my head, all too much to bear
I looked up again to the skies
Smiling again as I thought to myself
Perhaps kids and dinosaurs aren't so bad

How great it was to behold the skies
Through the eyes of a little child
After all, it is only through a child's eyes
That I finally see the glory of the Creator.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Nightingale and the Maple Tree

A lone maple tree stood
facing the grim yellow sunset
relishing in solitude
in the endless expanse
of arid auburn grassland

Its leaves were browning
detached from the delicate branches
by the calm autumn breeze
falling gently to the ground
a sign of the impending winter

A nightingale fluttered by
resting on the branches
of that lone maple
a talented singer
a gifted songstress

The songbird weaved together
fabrics of beautiful melody
delightful to the ear
touching to the soul
uplifting to the spirit

The lone maple tree listened intently
to the enchanting tune
of his little companion
captivated, perhaps
by the bird's forte

Oh, nightingale
how I wish I were like you
so apt in music
so gifted in composition
so talented in arrangement

Oh, nightingale
how I wish I could be like you
free to soar to the skies
your beautiful melody
taking flight with you

The nightingale paused
his song stopping abruptly
pondering his thoughts
weighing his words
he let the moment of silence hang

Turning to the maple tree
the songbird raised his voice
his tone not of delight
but filled instead
with sombreness and melancholy

Oh, maple tree
you don't understand
how I wish I were like you
firmly rooted on the earth
standing still in the storm

Oh, maple tree
how I wish I could be like you
peacefully enjoying the sunset
without worrying
about shelter and rest

The maple tree reflected deeply
never had he thought
another being would want
to be grounded in his position
to be rooted in his solitude

Looking at his companion
the maple tree spoke
in a gentle and inviting whisper
Stay with me
and I shall give you rest

The nightingale smiled
nodding in agreement
he began to sing again
the heavenly melody
that surrounds the soul

The maple tree relished
in the song filling the air
he knew he was lonely no more
and both of them gazed on
into the glorious yellow sunset

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Sea of Despair

Sinking into the sea of despair
into the dark waters
into the murky dismalness
into the chilly depths
into the bitter solitude

He struggled frantically to stay afloat
gasping at life
reaching for safety

He cried out for help
pleading for mercy
calling out for grace

The waves drowned out his cries
The roaring thunder rebuked him
The waters crashed onto him
The skies pelted him with rain

On the verge of defeat
he stood with eyes lifted up
and heart abandoned

On the edge of resignation
he cried out with muffled sobs
and sorrowful tears

With his strength gone, he gave up
allowing himself to be swallowed up by the sea
to succumb to the relentless beatings of the waves
to yield to the overwhelming hopelessness around him

And so he sank to the depths of the sea
forgetting his struggles and his pain
and he embraced the strange coldness
letting go of his hardships and suffering

At last he was free from the cares of the world
free from the life of emptiness
free from that meaningless existence